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Jackpot Systems

Lots of slot machines are connected to jackpot system, what give additional winning possibility to players. On slot machine screen player can see to what exact jackpot system this slot machine is connected and what is current jackpot amount. Jackpot winning is coming on random base, players need just play on slots.

Mega jackpot or National jackpot 

All certain type of slots are connected to this jackpot which amount can grow till 500 000€. Winning is rare, but amount is big.

Super Jackpot

All certain type slots on current gaming hall are connected and generated a special prize: the super jackpot. winner can be only player of current slot hall. Winning amounts are up to 10 000€, sometime even bigger.

Easy jackpot 

As the name say, it is easy to win this jackpot. Same as super jackpot can be won only by player of current slot hall. Amounts are up to 1000€ but winnings are coming quite often.