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Responsible gaming


Gaming is an entertaining and fun experience and does not represent any risk to most people. However, for all the millions of players, there are people for whom gambling is not just fun, but it has become or can become a problem.

Gambling, when it is not considered a game, can lead to negative consequences in a person's life and those of his or her family. Gambling habits can cause problems at work and with family as well as financial problems. 

Lottomatica, aware that the game can be a problem for a small fraction of players in terms of excessive gambling and gambling addiction, along with AAMS promotes Responsible Gaming with the aim to provide fun and entertainment. 

This site contains tips and advice you may need because the game should always remain a pleasure without risk and provides useful information in case it becomes a problem.  

If you believe you have a problem with gambling or if you have a family member who you think has a problem with gambling, you can find help in the service Gioca Responsabile. The service is completely free and anonymous and is divided into two channels of response:


You may access the chat, contact experts via email and find out information about local services that deal with gambling problems.

The team of psychologists who runs the first contact is supported by a staff of consultants - psychiatrist, psychotherapist and a lawyer - that intervene to address specific issues.

National Number FOR FREE 800.921.121 
available from telephone and mobile phone